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Definition of a Preceptor:

“A preceptor is an experienced nurse who serves as a short-term clinical teacher, role model, supporter, supervisor, and evaluator to a nurse orientee who is acclimating to the complexities of patient care and the role of professional nurse in a given clinical setting and during work hours” (ANA, MA).

“A preceptor is typically a nurse assigned based on her/his knowledge, skills, and experience in the specialty to assist an entry level nurse or APRN student with competency in the skill and knowledge of philosophies, goals, policies and procedures, expectations, physical environment, and services in learning the practice of nursing” (APNA, 2019).


CAPE RN Preceptor Training  Program, is designed to facilitate the development of  your knowledge, skills, and experiences to practice to full scope of licensure. The Program is grounded in the Philosophy of the College of Nursing, caring for the underserved, and practice in primary care settings. 
CAPE RN Preceptor Training Program consists of:

  • Nine CE Modules (1 contact hour each) designed to address current issues in primary care and preceptorship development
  • Completion of Surveys/Tools (embedded in CE Modules)
  • Focus Group to facilitate redesign and evaluation of program 
  • Sharing Nursing Situations/ Stories from Primary Care Practice

NUR4829L Clinical Course:
RN Preceptor Packet (insert link)
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Preceptor Recruiment Flyer
Preceptorship Information Packet Spring 2019
NUR 4829L Nursing Practice Immersion
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